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Our advantage

Why choose us (Hongyi brand)?

Answer: Our company has developed a 30-year plan for future development, and hopes to achieve the first brand in the advertising and inflatable industry, which is the first place!

Choose our strengths?

Answer: Our strength is strong and the system process is clear. Any product model, color, size, function, we are customized according to customer requirements, and the customized products are very beautiful, strong worker technology, advanced large , advanced designers, this is our advantage Strong guarantee.

What are the advantages of the factory?

1) Cost can be saved

2) can guarantee production efficiency in the first time

3) Professional product service consulting

4) After-sales 100% guarantee

5) Quality 100% guarantee

6) Payment 100% guarantee

7) 100% guarantee of supply

8) Market guidance

Worldwide Delivery

China is the world factory, we have a lot of transportation tools: DHL Express, FedEx, TNT, UPS, ENS, etc.

The goods can arrive at any location in the world according to your instructions, and we have cargo insurance, safe and fast, which is the service of our choice.

Safe Payment
24/7 Help Center

1, on direct order: all balloon products, airships, cubes, all support direct ordering.

2, about custom products: Before placing an order, you need to contact us, tell us your intentions, and send us the printed documents and similar models that need to be customized.

3, on the mode of transport and costs: less than 34 kg of products, we recommend to use DHL Express to send, you can also recommend other modes of transportation.

4, on the payment order: We recommend using T / T, PayPal. When the quantity of goods is large, we also accept the letter of credit, and FOB pays the purchase price.

5, on the promotion: Please pay attention to the website's home page notification.

6, on the production time: usually 3-7 days, when the number is large, or to customize more complex products, it takes more time.

7, about transportation time: If you use DHL Express, Guangzhou to anywhere in the world, only 3-5 days, if you use UPS, FedEx, Guangzhou to anywhere in the world, it takes 5-8 days.

8, on product quality: Hongyi enterprise is established by our team, we will do our best to do anything.

9, about membership registration: our membership policy, divided into 3 levels, the higher the level, you can enjoy the discount more our discount, other things will also choose priority service.

10, rest assured shopping, we are your trusted partner.